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In most common law jurisdictions, the attorney general or attorney-general is the main legal advisor to the government, and in some jurisdictions he or she may also have executive responsibility for law enforcement or responsibility for public prosecutions.

The term is used to refer to any person who holds a general power of attorney to represent a principal in all matters. In the common law tradition, anyone who represents the state, especially in criminal prosecutions, is such an attorney. Although a government may designate some official as the permanent attorney general, anyone who comes to represent the state in the same way is referred to as such, even if only for a particular case.

Ada B. Pozo, a former Miami-Dade County Judge, presided over thousands of criminal, civil, and family court cases. She brings her extensive criminal defense experience to Pozo Goldstein Gomez & Miranda. Before her five years as a County Court Judge in Miami, she was an Assistant Public Defender and a Forensic Social Worker with Miami-Dade County. As a former Judge, Ms. Pozo has the experience to represent clients in all criminal defense matters.

If you have been arrested or convicted for a criminal offense and you are not a United States citizen, you could face deportation from the United States. It is critically important that you have aggressive, competent, legal counsel on your side. With a former Miami-Dade County Judge and a Former U.S. Immigration Prosecutor, Pozo Goldstein Gomez & Miranda, LLP is the law firm you should contact if you are not a United States citizen and you have been arrested. We can defend you against criminal charges and, at the same time, attempt to avoid immigration issues as a result of your criminal case. We have the experience to represent Miami and Broward County clients in both criminal and immigration defense. Our experience makes a difference in criminal and immigration court.

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In the federal government of the United States, the Attorney General is a member of the Cabinet and as head of the Department of Justice is the top law enforcement officer and lawyer for the government. The attorney general may need to be distinguished from the Solicitor General, a high Justice Department official with the responsibility of representing the government before the Supreme Court. In cases of exceptional importance, however, the Attorney General may choose to represent the government himself or herself to the Supreme Court.

The individual U.S. states and territories, as well as the Federal capital of Washington, D.C. also have attorneys general with similar responsibilities. The majority of state Attorneys General are chosen by popular election, as opposed to the U.S. Attorney General who is a presidential appointee.

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