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Foreclosure Defense

Never before have we seen so many homeowners faced with the possibility that they may lose their home.

Due to current economic hardships, millions of people find themselves struggling to pay their bills. Combine this with a slumping housing market, tightening of the lending industry and massive layoffs of big businesses; it is easy to see how bad things can happen to good people.

The foreclosure process can put a lot of stress on the homeowner and family. Creditors will constantly be calling and your credit scores will be negatively impacted. These are all things no family should have to go through.

Until now, 95% of all homeowners have had no idea there are actual legal remedies and defenses they can take to aggressively protect their home from foreclosure.

In most cases homeowners do nothing and allow the banks to take their home, but with the Law Office of Christi R. Romero you can move forward with confidence to save your home from foreclosure.

We specialize in sitting down with homeowners one-on-one regardless of their current situation, to see what options they have and what the best course of action is at that time.

When faced with foreclosure a homeowner will typically try the following strategies. Unfortunately, in most cases these will not work for the following reasons.

  • Refinance: Loss of income, low credit scores, decreased property value. Homeowner will not qualify.
  • Loan Modification: Banks are currently under staffed and extremely unorganized. It can take months with no results.
  • Bankruptcy: This is a last resort and most likely will not resolve any housing issues.

The reality is that the best chance a homeowner has at keeping their home is by defending their rights in a court of law.

The Law Office of Christi R. Romero strategy designed to stop the foreclosure process while we negotiate with the lender to reach an acceptable settlement with new loan terms often resulting in:

  • Deferred principle.
  • Lower interest rates.
  • New loan terms.

For more information about Foreclosure Defense, our fees or to schedule an initial consultation, please contact us as possible before it is too late.