Miami Foreclosure Attorney

Miami Foreclosure Attorney

Welcome to the Home Page of Miami Foreclosure Attorney Enrique J. Fernandez. Is the bad economy affecting your life? Are you behind on your mortgage payments? Are you a good candidate for the new federal programs designed to help homeowners avoid/ prevent foreclosure?

There are few financial problems as frightening as facing foreclosure on your home. Our homes are our most important possession, and hardworking individuals are often faced with the threat of foreclosure through situations over which they had no control. When the bank won't refinance at a reasonable rate; the payments can be impossible to meet; promises of federal help seem to be harder to get than we all hoped. At Graham Legal, P.A., we are here to fight for you to keep your home. Through our years in practice, not a single one of our clients has lost their home. This outstanding track record in defending foreclosure is proof of our dedication to our clients and our energetic defense for their cases.

Our firm serves clients throughout the Miami area with all types of foreclosure defense situations, including those involving foreclosure alternatives such as short sale, regular sale, deed in lieu, forced deed in lieu, bankruptcy, Chapter 7, Chapter 13, loan modification and strategic mortgage default. We also provide exceptional legal advice for individuals looking to find more information about foreclosure, why fighting foreclosure is important, homeowner's rights, the foreclosure process including the foreclosure timeline, foreclosure defense and how foreclosure affects credit

We are determined to use our best efforts to challenge any foreclosure. Our lead attorney has 26 years of trial practice, including several years of fighting for homeowners in difficult foreclosure situations. If you are behind in your mortgage payments, have received a foreclosure notice, or are being sued by the bank in a foreclosure situation, something can be done about it. We have the extensive experience and knowledge of the legal matters surrounding foreclosure and can fight for you in court

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